MongoDB process: sudo service mongod start

Wiki.js commands:

node wiki start = start wiki.js

node wiki stop = stop wiki.js

node wiki restart = restart wiki.js

node wiki configure 1234 = activate GUI browser configuration where 1234 is the custom port. Use port 80 for webservers.

node wiki configure = default configuration on port 3000

node wiki -V = displays the version of wiki

Solution to modal.* in front of js elements

Improper JSON serving See Localization Issue #475

To display changes to configuration file:

  1. Go into admin account on the wiki - settings - system info - flush and rebuild
  2. If changes not displayed, proceed with step 3 and 4
  3. sudo service mongod restart
  4. sudo node wiki restart

Customize Page Structure and Appearance

To customize, access files under wiki/server/views